Game and App Development Ireland

Game and App Development Ireland

We at Loveridge Designs run a App and Indie game development department

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We have developed many successful game and Apps


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Our app development team truly understands Android, being the platform
having the largest number of users, enhanced customization and multiple display sizes.
Development of captivating and user-friendly Android Custom Applications is our forte.

When it comes to addictive and engaging games, Loveridge Designs legion of top game
 is what you need on your side. With extensive experience in development of
online games of diverse genres from Quizzes to RPGs, we simply are the best in business.If you have any project ideas or queries please contact us .



Games we have developed

Under Development

We are Currently developing our first commercial non-android release.

The One We Found is a survival-horror experience like no other.

You are James Ledgewick a psychotherapist in whisperwood mental institution.Recently a un-earthed cave network has not only revealed dark secrets but a terrible evil with it.You must uncover the secrets that whisperwood now holds.

Will you find it before it finds you?.

Check out The One We Found's website to stay up to date.


Some of our recent Games: